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– Love, Peace, and Our Best Effort. –

– Love, Peace, and Our Best Effort. –
Nagasaki has experienced profound suffering over its history. The period extends from the era of persecution of secret Christians to the atomic bomb attack just before the end of World War II. We owe the era of peace we have today to the suffering endured by so many people in the past. Now that we can live peacefully, our club is responsible for communicating the importance of peace. And we see it as our mission to expand that circle. The core elements of the activity of praying for peace are “Love, Peace, and Our Best Effort.” For our loved ones, we play football with enthusiasm, and we enthusiastically support football matches for our loved ones. We would like to continue this activity with gratitude while enjoying these days of peace with our fellows, without having to distinguish between enemy and ally.

Our Thoughts about Peace

The Name of the Club

The “V” stands for four Portuguese and Dutch words that have a long historical connection with Nagasaki.
“VITORIA (victory)”
“VREDE (peace)”
“VAREN (voyage)”
“VARIEDADE (diversity)”
As a sports club with its hometown in the last city to be bombed, V-VAREN NAGASAKI will continue to emphasize the importance of peace and respect for diversity, friend and foe alike, and pass on the preciousness of peace to the next generation through its play and community cooperation activities.

The Grand Slogan of the Club


V-VAREN NAGASAKI’s grand slogan is:
”正 々 道 々 〜 ナ ガ サ キ か ら 、世界 へ 〜
It expresses the strength of the team to compete in a dignified manner and the peaceful spirit of Nagasaki.
It also expresses the club’s desire to send out a message of peace from Nagasaki to the world as a club located in Nagasaki, the last city to be atomic bombed, through fair play.

Peace Memorial Jersey

Around the 9th of August each year is an important time for Nagasaki citizens to consider peace. To convey this feeling, the club has been wearing a Peace Memorial Jersey during J.League games every summer since 2015(*).
(*) As for the 2020 season, there was a longer than expected suspension of the J.League due to COVID-19, so the club decided not to produce the Peace Memorial Jerseys and instead produced Peace Memorial T-shirts.

The Design of the Peace Memorial Jersey for 2023

フィールドプレイヤー ユニフォーム
▲Field Player
ゴールキーパー ユニフォーム
▲Goal Keeper

Concept behind the 2023 Peace Memorial Jersey

The theme of the 2023 Peace Memorial Uniform is "Gentle Sky and Sea Connecting the World". The sky and the sea are the world's bridges that connect people beyond borders and cultures. The motifs of wind and waves gently moving around the world represent the peaceful blue sky and sea. Sports, like the sky and the sea, transcend national borders and cultures to share excitement around the world. The world is still in a state of instability. We hope that prayers for peace will reach the world from Nagasaki, and will send a message of peace through soccer

Contents of “Pray for Peace” Activities

Learning for Peace


As our mission and in order to convey our feelings for peace, the club would like for the team, our management staff and our fans (supporters) to work together to send a message of peace to the world. In this way, the club will continue to promote peace and learning in 2023.

Donation of “Thousand Paper Cranes”


Since putting on the “pray for peace” uniform, the entire club, including fans and supporters, has made and delivered 1,000 paper cranes to the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum every year. In addition, the club also donates the year’s peace uniforms and the original peace declarations that were made at home games.

Initiatives at Home Games

Peace Memorial Match

On August 6 (Sunday), the Meiji Yasuda J2 League 29st Sec. match against Iwaki FC will be held as a “Peace Memorial Match.

Peace Declaration

The players will make a peace declaration at the Meiji Yasuda J2 League 29th Sec. match against Iwaki FC on August 8 (Sunday). The players will send out their wishes for peace from Nagasaki by interweaving their own feelings and thoughts on peace into the declaration.

Working with High School Peace Ambassadors


On August 29th (Saturday), 2020, the club formed a partnership with high school peace ambassadors. The club will continue to work together as a partner to send the message of peace from Nagasaki to the world in the 2023 season.